JUST DANCE - recital 2021

June 19, 2021


intermission - (clean & disinfect common areas)

ACT I dancers are dismissed


Thank you!  We are so very grateful that you have continued your support of SYS throughout this difficult time.  We could never have imagined a pandemic in our lifetime, and yet here we are over a year after the start of it.  Our gratitude to you, our dance parents, cannot be expressed enough by words for keeping the beautiful art form of dance in all of your children's lives.  We are so lucky to have you all!  

SUNY Old Westbury - theater

This facility is a state run facility.  Please note we will be adhering to all state and federal regulations and Covid -19 protocols as of June 2021, including capacity restrictions, social distancing, and sanitization.  All audience members, staff and dancers will be required to wear masks at all times in common areas such as lobby, audience, backstage, and dressing rooms.

We are in search of the perfect clear mask for our dancers.  We do not want to miss out on those beautiful smiles! Stay tuned....


Each class will be assigned to perform in either ACT I OR II.  Dancers will be assigned an arrival time.  Check in areas will be clearly marked.   Covid waivers will be filled out in advance.  Temp checks will be taken at the door.  Each ACT will have approximately 35-45 dancers participating.  This allows for more than adequate space for social distancing backstage while awaiting performance on stage.  Waiting areas will be taped off according to guidelines.  Live stream will be available for dancers backstage.

At the conclusion of ACT I - recreational dancers that have completed their performance will be dismissed by class.  Staff will escort the class to the designated pick up area in the lobby.  Audience members should exit the theater at the conclusion of the ACT with the exception of the assigned parent picking up dancer.  This will allow for safe and socially distanced pick ups of students who have finished performing for the day.  

Junior and Senior Company dancers will be performing in both ACTS and will remain backstage in their assigned area until the conclusion of the second ACT.

ACT I clears out.  Common areas are sanitized and ACT II dancers arrive. Process will be the same for dismissal at the conclusion of ACT II.


Recital fee will be collected per family.  This fee covers the costs of your child's participation and will include a family "pod" - socially distanced seating.  Depending on June regulations, 2-3 seats per family will be available.  Audience members will be required to fill out a Covid information sheet in advance and will be temperature checked at the door.  Masks will be worn at all times according to state guidelines.  Empty seats will be maintained between family pods.  As of April, the maximum audience capacity is at 33%. If this number changes prior to June 1st, we will increase family pod size.

In the event that our situation changes...

Plan B - if the theater cancels due to a spike, we will follow the guidelines at the time.  This may include a performance in a hotel ballroom with each class assigned a block of time to perform for a family member, live streamed or recorded for viewing at a later date. 

We have learned so much from 2020 and are ready to "Just Dance"

These options are being explored in case of necessity.

Most importantly, we want the best for each one of our students!

Our students well being means everything to us!  It is our goal to give them the best dance experience possible.  We want them to feel like the super stars that they are and we are determined to make it happen. Whether it happens in a theater, hotel ballroom, or school gym, we vow to make them feel like the star of their own broadway show.  And we promise to offer this in a safe and healthy way!