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Registration for the 2024-2025 season is underway!  
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Combinations Classes: Dance Stars I & II - introductions and continuations of tap, ballet & movement utilizing directional commands, exercises for musicality, balance and strength.

Tap/Ballet: This class is the step after "Dance Stars" where the class becomes more structured.  Lessons further the student's knowledge of tap and ballet technique.

Ballet: This is the foundation of all dance. Ballet instills poise, grace and proper dance technique that enhances any students' life.  

Jazz: A free style of dance, classes begin with a warm up, isolations of the body and stretching folowed by turns leaps and combinations across the floor and center floor utilizing a variety of styles and music.

Tap: An audible form of dance which develops rythm, coordination and musicality.  Tap is a great workout while having fun exploring timing, rythm and tempo.

Musical Theater: A class where jazz technique is enhanced by the choices of music, changed often to help the dancer explore different characters, emotions and style.

Acrobatics: This style emphasizes the development of flexibility, strength and coordination. Acro class consists of tumbling, contortion, balance/control and floor exercise skills.

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